I thoroughly enjoyed my month with with Elisa at Artelingua. I had studied Italian at university in Australia, and under Elisa's patient and careful tutelage I have achieved greater proficiency and improved my understanding of Italian culture and history.

Frank Saccardo (Australian)

I could not be happier with the course prepared for me by Tamara and Elisa which involved one month of private lessons, 5 days a week. I found Tamara, my principal teacher, to be an exceptional teacher. She was patient, enthusiastic and always encouraging. My progress under her supervision surprised me. I could not recommend both Tamara and Artelingua more highly

Jorge and Irazu Fernandez (USA)

We do not have enough words to say what an amazing experience we had with artelingua. Elisa has a fantastic program and excellent teachers. Our teacher was Tamara and she was outstanding. We were a perfect match! We learned so much in just one week and then spent six weeks practicing our Italian through Italy talking to people in the streets, on trains, festivals, etc. We were called "bravi" many times when we told people we had just taken one week of classes. We would recommend this school and teachers to everyone! It was truly one of the best experiences of our lives! Grazie Mille Elisa and Tamara....

Linda Robin (US)

Elisa is an outstanding teacher, tailoring my lessons to my interests and level of proficiency. She was patient, interesting, and committed to helping me to advance my Italian. I look forward to continuing working with her next year.

Tom Banducci (United States)

I am spending a year in Italy, and have made it my personal intention to improve my Italian language skills while here. Accordingly, I have been taking Italian lessons wherever my wife and I have "set up camp" for two weeks or more. I have take lessons at 4 different Italian language schools during our stay. We spent a month in Spoleto, and I had the opportunity to learn Italianwith Elisa. She's fantastic! The best teacher I've had since arriving in Italy. Whether you're a beginner or are working on becoming fluent in Italian, I highly recommend her!

Toby and Anna Hooper (Inghilterra )

Cara Elisa Grazie per nostro corso delle lezioni che ci ha dato una buona conoscenza di italiano. Abbiamo avuto le due insegnanti esperti che hanno affronto direttemente i nostri bisogni e interessi e hanno mantenuto vivo. Grazie a Tamara e Maria Letitzia. Cari saluti Toby e Anna

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