Donal (USA)

Elisa has been a superb instructor of Italian for me over the last two years, through her deep knowledge of the language and the hard work she has put into preparing the classes. She is also very personable and helpful to her students.
I also like very much Elisa´s creativity in using some of the most famous Italian movies (the most recent being ´Habemus Papam´ of Nani Moretti) as a medium of instruction to teach Italian language and culture.

For those, who are interested in learning Italian, in a highly supportive environment, I strongly recommend Artelingua of Spoleto.

Otis (USA)

Elisa is a passionate, motivated and creative teacher who cares about each and every one of her students, whether teaching English, or in my case, Italian. She is a hard worked, always prepared and is an excellent educator.

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