We are glad to host on this page some information about our friends. Associations, cultural institutes and universities which are involved in the promotion of Italian language and culture in Umbria together with Artelingua.

An Italian Affair, Melbourne – Australia

An Italian Affair was founded by Antonella Nichinonni and located in Melbourne, Australia. It specialises in the preparation of “unique and special” hosted itineraries of Antonella’s home Umbria and of Italy. Artelingua and an Italian affair collaborate in teaching and promoting Italian language and culture.


Amphitheatrum cultural programme

Amphitheatrum was founded by Matthias Quast and promotes Spoleto as a “university campus” especially based on History of Arts and Architecture enriched by Artelingua Italian language programs.

UWG Study Abroad – USA

Since May 2013 Artelingua Language Courses is part of UWG study abroad who chose the town of Spoleto and Artelingua to teach Italian as a foreign language.

Read more about UWG study abroad program.

Convivio Italy Summer Conference

Elisa Bassetti joined the program in 2019 holding lectures around Italian language and culture.

Convivio unites artists, university professors, and professionals from all walks of life for a unique conference experience in a hilltop hamlet beautiful beyond words, Postignano.