Corsi di lingua e cultura italiana online. lifestyle, tradition, literature, music and cinema in every and each hour we teach.
Un compendio di materiali basati sull’esperienza e-learning

Dall’esperienza di ricerca nel programma e-learning dell’Università per Stranieri di Perugia, le migliori tecniche e strategie per l’insegnamento della lingua italiana on-line.

  • Impara la pronuncia italiana – Learn the sounds of Italian language
  • Focus su lessico e vocabolario – Focus on lexis and vocabulary
  • Grammatica pratica – Learn the grammar in use
  • Video, canzoni, letteratura e cinema anche per i livelli base – Learn with video, music, literature and cinema from the beginning

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Jo Brachman, Graduate Student, University of West Georgia, USA.

“I highly recommend Elisa Basseti’s on-line course in Italian. She is a talented professional who has a sensitive understanding of how fast or slow to go with a beginner like myself. As a bonus, Elisa is a delight and makes leraning fun. The one-on-one classes and individualized lessons via Skype are well worth the fee”.


Online Italian Language courseGail, Usa

Elisa is a gifted, creative teacher and a delightful person as well. I have taken private Italian lessons from her for some time. One of her many strengths is her flexibility. If we start a lesson with conversation about almost anything, at some point, in addition to engaging in the discussion, she will hone in on a grammatical topic and teach to it. This allows me to attempt normal conversation in Italian and also continue to learn. Elisa balances the components of her lesson fluidly: speaking, listening, grammar, idiomatic language. I strongly recommend Artelingua”.

Frank, Australia

I could not be happier with the course prepared for me by Tamara and Elisa which involved one month of private lessons, 5 days a week. I found Tamara, my principal teacher, to be an exceptional teacher. She was patient, enthusiastic and always encouraging. My progress under her supervision surprised me. I could not recommend both Tamara and Artelingua more highly”.