Formazione aziendale.

Basato su 8 anni di esperienza di formazione del personale nelle maggiori aziende italiane come il Sole24Ore, Pirelli, Nokia, San Pellegrino , TNT

Oggi E.P.T. è un programma di formazione aziendale utilizzato da: Meccanotecnica S.p.a., Banca Popolare di Spoleto S.p.a.; B.I.T. Italia, RINA e liberi professionisti.

Based on 8 years of teaching Business English in major Italian companies such as Il Sole 24 ore, Pirelli, Nokia, San Pelligrino, TNT, we have devised an innovative solution for English in the workplace, namely EPT, English Professional Training. Our program is module-based and interactive, allowing the student to actively use his/her newly learned skills.



Prerequisito: livello di competenza base

CORE Business English includes:

Meeting, accoglienza, comunicazione telefonica, comunicazione sul luogo di lavoro, corrispondenza commerciale, organizzazione di incontri, descrizione statistiche, esprimere pareri e confronti, negoziare.

Meeting people, welcoming visitors; telephoning, leaving and taking a message; communicating at work, business correspondence; arranging meetings; describing trends, expressing opinions; negotiating.

APPS include your sector, such as:


  • FINANCE/ACCOUNTING: also for “commercialista”. Finance English used in banks, stock markets, accounting ledgers, mergers and aquisitions.
  • LOCALIZATION/MARKETING: Do you want to market your product in other countries? Your website and marketing must be presented in English appropriate to that market.
  • SALES: Giving your company “pitch”,  presenting your products, overcoming objections.
  • LEGAL: For lawyers who need English in their cases, proceedings, and meetings.
  • MANAGEMENT or HUMAN RESOURCES: Are you a manager in charge of a team? Do you need to lead in English? Or do you work in Human Resources and need to handle employee issues?
  • TOURISM: Are you a shopkeeper? Do you run a local business and anticipate tourists? Your ability to negotiate in English can increase your sales!
  • MEDICAL: Do you need to speak English to patients? Do you need to presnet your medical practice to English-speaking public?

APPS can also include a function such as:

  • JOB – English interviewing skills is intensive preparation for an interview in English, presenting yourself and your skills with confidence.
  • WEB – Web communication is specialized training with social media and online business networks.
  • WELCOME – Presentation skills. Ladies and Gentlemen… Learn how to make an engaging and interesting presentation or speech in English!