Five weeks-full immersion in Spoleto, the UWG Study Abroad is back.

The students from the American College are delighted to return to their beloved Spoleto, a city which by now feels like it belongs to them and which welcomes them every year like a big family.

Since 2013 the University of West Georgia and Artelingua are partnership in the UWG Study Abroad programme in Spoleto, which is the only one in Italy.

Artelingua the University’s partner in both organisation and Italian language teaching; not only as a subject for study but above all as a vehicle for culture and integration.

As usual, all the students of the school are invited to join us for drinks at our international ‘Two Worlds Party,’ open to everyone wishing to share a multicultural experience.

It will be an opportunity not to be missed for the city to show the world its extraordinary potential and develop great projects for the future.

The UWG students took part also to Spoletinian Time’s Capsule this year. Read more…