33 hours. Italian Full-Immersion: cuisine, walking tour, cooking class, museums and cinema.

One Week Full-Immersion ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSE in the Medieval Town of Spoleto: 33 hours including expert language course, renowned cooking class, history/cultural adventure, and much more.

With all the full-immersion courses available throughout Italy, it’s hard to decide which school/course/venue is right for you. We invite you to read about our approach to teaching Italian, the activities we have carefully selected, and about our medieval town which has been dubbed the most livable town in Italy.

Most importantly we hope you gain an understanding of the passion and care we invest in each and every student.



Arrival on Sunday
Departure the following Saturday

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Total hours
Time class 9:00 – 1:00 9:00 – 1:00 9:00 – 1:00 9:00 – 1:00 9:00 – 11:00,
11:00 – 1:00 going to the open market together.
20 hrs. Classroom with native-speaking certified Italian teachers.
Theme History and Art Italian Cuisine Dolce Vita and Culture Italian Tradition Italian Lifestyle
Topic Medieval and Roman sites in Spoleto Italian cooking:  tradition and trends Italian culture: cinema, music, literature Traditions: history and religion.
St. Francis
Italian stereotypes.
Italian family and trends
Italian Key Words Nice to meet you. Vacationer’s role-plays. Getting information.
Restaurant role-plays.
Giving information. Hotel role-plays. Expressing likes and dislikes. Asking directions role-plays. Expressing opinions. Shopping role-plays.
Time Event 4:00 – 7:00 5:30 – 9:30 4:00 – 6:30 4:00 – 6:30 6:30 – 7:30 13 hrs. Guided Activities with native-speaking certified Italian teachers
Event City Tour & Welcome aperitivo
(3 hr.)
Cooking Class & Dinner Together (4 hr.) Movie Excerpts and discussion
(2.5 hr.)
Museum Tour
(1 hr)
Walking tour St. Francis (1.5 hr.)
Farewell aperitivo (1 hr.)
Description Walking tour through Spoleto, Romanesque cathedrals, famous Rocca. Cooking class from a professional Italian chef. Dinner together. Watch Italian movie excepts and discuss Italian cinema and culture. Archeological Museum and Roman Theatre.
Stroll across aqueduct to entrance of paths of St. Francis.
Aperitivo together.
Total 4 hr. classroom + 3  hr. guided activity =

7 hrs.

4 hr. classroom + 4 hr. (cooking class and cuisine*) =

8 hrs.

4 hr. classroom + 2.5 hr. guided activity =

6.5 hrs.

4 hr. classroom + 2.5 hrs. guided activities =

6.5 hrs.

4 hr. classroom + 1 hr. guided activity =

5 hrs.

33 hrs. total
Gusto language program

*cuisine: price of alcoholic beverages not included.

Program details are subject to change due to weather, availability of venues, etc..




Small Group (3 – 7 participants) – €910,00 per person ALL INCLUDED

Mini Group (2 participants – Exclusive) – €1150,00 per person ALL INCLUDED

Individual (1 person) – €1450,00 ALL INCLUDED

In addition to the course price, there is a €50,– registration fee (non-refundable)



1) “I’ve never been to Italy before and I don’t speak a word of Italian. Will I be overwhelmed?”
The GUSTO Language course is designed for people who are new to Italy and would like to learn basic Italian phrases and be introduced to the Italian way of life in a fun, invigorating manner.

2) I’ve never heard of Spoleto. Is Spoleto for me?
Spoleto, a medieval town, is a cultural “mecca” in this region. Dubbed Italy’s most livable town, it is open and easy to explore on foot. The pedestrian zone which stretches from our school’s location on Piazza Garibaldi traverses upward to the famous cathedral and Rocca, ultimately ending at the great aqueduct leading to the protected nature trails and forest where St. Francis communed. The pedestrian path is lined with boutiques, shops, cafès, and restaurants.

Spoleto, unlike most medieval towns in Italy, is easy to reach by train making it one of the most accessible towns in Italy. If you want to enjoy Italian culture, history, the arts, nature, food in a quaint beautiful quiet town, then you are sure to like Spoleto. If you prefer the city bustle, traffic, discos and nightclubs, then Spoleto is not a good choice for you.

3) How old is the average student who takes a GUSTO Language course at your school?
Our language courses are very popular with individual baby-boomers who want an adventure in Italian language and culture in a group setting. And believe it or not, GUSTO courses are popular with families, either a couple or extended families. But also groups of friends sign up and take the course together to learn in a fun setting.

4) What is your school like?
Our focus is individualized and unique in a comfortable welcoming creative setting (like a boutique hotel in the hotel industry). Because of our central location on Piazza Garibaldi, the arts and culture attractions are literally at our doorstep. Our teachers are Italian native-speakers, certified, experienced and enjoy teaching.

5) How do you differ from other full-immersion schools?
• The quality of our program, GUSTO, which has been carefully designed to encompass an expert cooking class from a renowned chef at a beautiful restaurant, as well as various cultural interests. This course is not only effective and interesting, but downright fun.
• Our passion, the care and genuine concern we invest in each course and in every student.

6) What is your cooking class like?
A beautiful panorama for an Italian restaurant serving fine dining. The Italian chef will show you some of the tips of typical Mediterranean cuisine in our cooking class together. Afterwards, we can try different dishes together for dinner. Savor the gusto! Learn some of the secrets of real Italian cooking.

7) Do you provide housing?
No, we don’t provide housing, but we understand that the right housing is extremely important to your stay in Italy. For this reason, we work with partners (hotels, B&Bs, convents, farmhouses, etc) who can provide accommodations suitable to your needs and budget. Just ask us for details.

8) When exactly do you offer GUSTO courses?
GUSTO courses begin every 1st Monday starting from February (apart from May) 2015. So the courses begin Feb. 2, March 2, Apr. 6, May. 11, June 1, July 6; Aug 3, Sept. 7, Oct. 5, Nov. 2 2015. Students usually arrive Sat. or Sunday before class begins; students usually depart the following Saturday.

9) What is the best time to come? Is there a price reduction for off-season?
The best time to come depends on your personal preferences. While many Europeans come to Italy in the summer, many Americans find it too hot and crowded because most restaurants, cafès, buildings do not have air conditioning. Many Europeans find Italy too desolate in the winter, while others enjoy the cool weather suitable for hiking. Many tourists prefer the springtime in Italy, but others enjoy seasonal activities in the fall like olive-picking. For us, any season is perfect to experience Italy and the language, so price reduction doesn’t apply to us. (However in off-season, the hotels are cheaper.)

10) How can I find out about extra activities like rafting or olive-picking, etc?
We are happy to say that there is an abundance of activities in our area from sports (rafting, hiking, mountain-biking) to spiritual excursions (trips to Assisi, churches, paths of St. Francis, etc) to olive oil mills, vineyards, truffle hunting cheese-making and the list goes on. While we don’t operate these activities, we can direct you to a dependable tour-operator who offers any given excursion based on your needs.

11) Which airport should I land at? Do you offer airport pick-up?
The closest international airport is Rome Fiumicino. While we personally don’t offer pick-up service at the airport, there are several options available from the airport to Spoleto. Ask us for details. Spoleto is also on the central train line that goes to Assisi.

12) What if I take the GUSTO Language course and don’t do all of the activities. Can I get
some money refunded?

The GUSTO language course has been carefully created to supply a complete educational and fun-filled adventure. The price is a “package-price” and all the activities have been booked and pre-arranged. After the begin of the course, no refunds can be made. Please see our General Terms / Booking Procedure for details.

13) How much Italian can I really expect to learn?
Learning a language in a full-immersion setting is always more effective than other methods IF you put forth effort (that means also doing homework) and practice what you learn in class. So when you are out in the town, try to use the expressions you learned that day in class. We will teach you enough to feel comfortable as a tourist using common Italian expressions.

14) I’m really not sure…
Taking a full-immersion course is a big step and we want you to plan accordingly. If we can be of service to you, please contact info@artelingua.it with any questions, large or small. We would like to be able to welcome you in our town for an experience of a lifetime!