Spoleto a Colori: Music, Dancing and Colour in Spoleto. April 24th – May 3rd


  • Music and Dance Workshops in the streets and in the parks of Spoleto
  • Hip Hop music and dance contests in the theatres
  • Jugglers, magicians and buskers around the town
  • Workshops for kids, drinks…happiness

This is the 5th edition of Spoleto a Colori, involving about a thousand young volunteers in town every year and attracting even more tourists, participants and young people from all over Italy. Spoleto a Colori has become more and more important year after year, its fame wider and so it has started to feature a greater variety of activities and events.

This year the main theme of the event is inspired by: healthy and natural food along with agriculture.

Six days that will literally turn the town into a…”colour mob”, one of the events Spoleto a Colori has become famous for!

Don’t miss it, don’t miss Spoleto as you have never experienced it before.



Don’t waste your time, parla italiano with Spoleto a Colori!

• A welcoming aperitif in the most colorful Piazza of Spoleto
• A city tour with the Italian teachers during the event, to comment and discuss the exhibitions of Spoleto a Colori!
• A dinner to enjoy the evening music events