Course Content:

– ONLY certified Italian teachers

– Hands-on skill development: in-class and outdoor language practice with authentic speaking situations and with locals

– Student’s kit (student’s book is not included, handouts provided).

– Free wi-fi spot in the school

Artelingua Experience activities

– Attendance certificate



To reserve a place, please send a request, either by email or using the Enrollment request form for your selected course found on our website. Artelingua will confirm your request by email within 3 working days.

If  your desired date is already fully booked, we will suggest alternative dates.

Please note: the small group classes have a minimum of 3 participants. A group course is contingent on 3 students signing up. You are guaranteed a 12-hour one-on-one course in the case where no other students have enrolled in a weekly course; no extra fee will be applied. Artelingua may enrol students in your class at any time if the students are compatible with your level.


Confirmation / Registration Fee:

Our confirmation will confirm the start-date and course fee.

Upon confirmation, a deposit is due. The deposit is equivalent to the registration fee + 1/3 of the course fee. The exact price will be stated in our confirmation. This deposit is non refundable.

In the confirmation email, a link will be provided to make the deposit by PayPal. Other payment options are listed below.

If the student can not attend his/her course on the date confirmed, he/she must advise Artelingua 14 days before course begins, and the deposit can be applied to a new course date (providing there is a spot available).


Course Fees:

Detailed course fees are displayed on our website: Italian language school


Payment of Course Fee:

The remainder of the course fee can be paid in advance (see payment options) or can be paid on the first day of classes through PayPal or cash (Euros). The student will receive an invoice/receipt for all payments.


Payment options:  

1) PayPal (we will email you the link with all necessary information)

2) International Bank Transfer. The student must pay the transfer fees.

3) Credit card on your arrival


Cancellation of the Course:

Owing to force majeure that would prevent the course from taking place, all fees including the deposit will be refunded to the student.



Students are advised to take comprehensive medical, travel and personal insurance, as they are not insured against illness, accidents, theft of loss of personal possessions either by Artelingua or their hotel/accommodation.   The school is not responsible for the loss of personal property on its premises.


Other Services:

Official tours of surrounding areas, hotel accommodations, airfare, train tickets, etc. are not provided by Artelingua. Arrangements and payments of these services must be made directly with the service provider (hotel, tour operator, etc.).


End of Course Certification:

A certificate will be issued after the week course providing the student has attended 75% of the language instruction classes.


Italian Privacy Law:

In accordance with Art D.Lgs. 196/2001 regarding the processing of personal data, please note that personal data included on the enrollment form will be processed in accordance with the law and in particular, will be stored in a database to ensure all legal requirements are fulfilled. All personal data will be stored and processed in such a away to guarantee safety and confidentiality.