Artelingua is glad to welcome the students from the University of West Georgia with its usual TWO WORLDS PARTY. This year we celebrate our first 5 years together.

It was 2012 in fact when the first group of students from this American college arrived in Spoleto, a perfect venue for its Study Abroad Program, the only one in Italy.

Since then our collaboration has become stronger and deeper, more and more hospitality structures have been involved. Eighty students have chosen Spoleto for their Study Abroad and many professors have supervised the quality of the program.

The Spoleto Program provides six hours of instruction in upper-division English courses, as well as Italian language training taught by native speakers at Artelingua in Spoleto. In all, there are five weeks of exposure to Italian culture and language.

Spoleto was chosen among many other cities in Italy to be the “musa ispiratrice“: “a pleasant mid-size town—small enough to be easily navigable and to offer students daily opportunities to meet the locals, and yet big enough to possess all the amenities of a thriving college town”. I really hope this experience continues for many years.

We have always encouraged all our students (Italians and foreign students) to take part in the TWO WORLDS PARTY, no other name could be given in the city of  theTwo Worlds. It will be a lively FESTA dei DUE MONDI. We encourage you to practice your language skills together with us,  to share experiences learning a foreign language, about Spoleto, and different cultures.

May 19, at 6.30 at Artelingua.

Enjoy our photogallery.

Elisa Bassetti

Instructor and Director