Corso di preparazione al livello B1 - esame CELI, CILS, Plida con docenti esaminatori certificati.


Artelingua is specialised in teaching Italian language. All of its teachers have obtained specific degrees, masters, and certificates from specialised schools for teaching Italian and are certified examiners at the university certification centres of Perugia and Siena. With the new legislation, a foreign citizen who has been legally living in Italy for more than five (5) years and intends to apply for EC long-term residence permits must take and pass the level B1 Italian language test.

Which centres are accredited to give the exam?
The accredited ministry bodies that issue this certification are:
 Università per Stranieri di Perugia – CELI
 Università per Stranieri di Siena – CILS
 Società Dante Alighieri – PLIDA
 Università di Roma 3

What is the B1 level?
It is one of the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, a document that divides the knowledge of the language into 6 different stages (levels):
A1 and A2 (elementary), B1 and B2 (intermediate), C1 and C2 (advanced).
Level B1 is also called the "threshold level".

What knowledge does the B1 level provide?
A level B1 speaker is able to understand the key points of familiar topics concerning school, leisure time, etc.; knows how to move with ease in situations that may occur while traveling in the
country where the language is spoken; is able to produce simple text related to topics that are familiar or of personal interest; is able to express experiences and events, dreams, hopes and
ambitions; and can also briefly explain reasons for opinions and plans.

Can I prepare the exam with Artelingua?
The teachers of Artelingua are certified examiners at the CVCL centre of the Università per Stranieri di Perugia and specialised at the School of Specialization in teaching the Italian language
at the Università per Stranieri di Siena; therefore, they are experts in the field of certifications of the Italian language.
In other words, yes! We can prepare students for the exam, with absolute guarantee.

How much does the preparation course cost?
It depends on the type of course: individual, couple, or mini-group, and on the number of coursehours. To give you an accurate answer, however, it is important first to know your starting level.

Where am I going to take the exam?
In one of the accredited centres, depending on the exam we have prepared for together.
How much does the registration for the exam cost?
It depends on which exam you choose. For example, the CELI exam for immigrants taken at the Università per Stranieri di Perugia, the exam centre closest to us, costs € 35.00.

How can I decide which exam is best for me and when to give it?
You will do a test before starting the course and we will decide together which exam is best for you.

So, what can I do?
Write to or make a free appointment to test your level and decide your course
by calling 0743 222151 or 340 6007915.

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