Buio pesto

We’re sure that when you hear the word pesto, the first thing that comes to mind is a tasty plate of pasta with pesto, perhaps linguine, a traditional recipe originally from Liguria; the region where this condiment, well-known and loved all over the world, first came from.
However, when you add the word pesto to the word buio, you come up with an Italian expression used to describe the complete absence of light, and the inability to see anything at all – pitch dark. In this case the word pesto takes on the meaning of profound, or total.
But let’s turn on the kitchen light and focus on food. Today, we are going to learn a new style of pesto alla genovese which is less expensive and quicker to make than the original, but just as delicious.
We will discover together how to make it.





80 g di foglie di basilico
80 g di parmigiano
50 g di mandorle spellate
150 g olio extra vergine di oliva
1 spicchio d’sglio

Sale  q.b.


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