Learn with Gusto - Pieno come un uovo

If you’re a guest in an Italian home and after a typical dinner with antipasto, first course, second course and sides you can’t possibly eat another bite, the expression we use in this case is Sono pieno come un uovo. This very Italian idiom refers to a person who is full, who has eaten too much.

As we head for the ovens, do you like eggs? If your answer is yes, but you’re tired of eating them boiled, scrambled or fried and you’re looking for a delicious and tasty recipe to put on the dinner table, we have the perfect recipe for a light lunch or summer dinner: stuffed eggs.

A quick and simple recipe that’s also really healthy and tasty.

Let’s go and find out how to make it together.







  • 6 uova sode
  • 100 g di tonno
  • 2 cucchiai di maionese
  • Capperi q.b
  • Prezzemolo


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